Preventive Medicine

Necessary Vaccinations for Dogs
• Vaccinations begin from 1 months of age – Puppy vaccination
• Annual vaccination for dogs DHLPP Distemper, Hepatitis (CAV-2), Leptospirosis, Parainfluenza, and Parvovirus.
• Rabies vaccination for Travelling
• Kennel cough (canine infectious tracheobronchitis) for Pet Hotel

Optional Vaccination for Dogs
• Ringworm vaccination
• Leishmania vaccination

They need to be given to every kitten from 2 months of age:

Necessary Vaccinations for Cats
• Vaccinations begin from 2 months of age – Annual vaccination for cats FVRCP – (FVR –Feline rhinotracheitis virus (feline herpesvirus) C – Calicivirus P- Panleukopenia
• Rabies vaccination for travelling

Optional vaccinations for Cats
• Feline Leukemia vaccination FeLV
• Ringworm vaccination

Health exams (at least once a year)

Internal parasites
It is recommended to do de-worming for your pet every few months. It may be necessary to treat some animals more frequently.

External Parasites
External parasites are those that live on the skin of your pet, including fleas, ear mites, demodex, and ticks. It’s recommended to protect your pet’s by using spot ons, tablets or collars.

Leishmania and Ehrlichia are two common diseases in Cyprus that can be prevented by using the right product. Ehrlichia is transmitted by ticks and Leishmania is transmitted by sandflies.

Dental health
We recommend cleaning your pet’s teeth by using a product such as paste or powder.
Professional cleaning under anesthesia is highly recommended if necessary.


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