Identification & Pet Registration

Pet Registration and license – All pets need to be registered with the government veterinary services and with the local council.


How do I register my pet?

1) Your pet will need a microchip before we can begin the registration process

2) You can visit our clinic with your pet to apply a microchip or scan an existing microchip

3) We will register your pet with the government vets online

4) You will be given the registration form and then you will need to visit your mukhtar for your pet’s license.


Why is it important to register my pet?

1) In order to find the owner of a lost pet, the owner and their pet need to be registered at the government veterinary services and with their mukhtar

2) We can search through our database to see if the pet was registered at our clinic

3) We can search the government vets’ database to check if the pet is registered with them

4) It is required by law to register your pets’ – failure to do so can result in a fine.


I have found a lost pet, how can I find the owners?

1) Please visit our clinic to scan the pet for a microchip

2) If the pet has a microchip, we can find out if the pet is registered at our clinic and contact their owner

3) We can connect to the government veterinary services database to see if the microchip is registered with them

4) If the owner did register with the government veterinary services, we can contact their owners and let them know their pet was found.


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