Preventive Medicine

Diaphyseal Fracture of the humerus in cat

Osteosynthesis using intramedullary pins was performed.


Dog presented with polydipsia, vaginal secretions/ licking and lethargy.
Upon further diagnostic examinations, pyometra was diagnosed.
The dog was stabilized before surgery and the infected uterus was removed.

Spleen Hemangiosarcoma

Dog presented with lethargy, abdominal swelling and pale mucus membranes.
After clinical examination and further testing, laparotomy was performed which revealed hemangiosarcoma of spleen.

Intestinal Cancer

Patient presented with lethargy and loss of weight.

Upon abdominal palpation, mass was felt.

After ultrasound and radiological examination, decision was made for exploratory laparotomy.

Intestinal cancer was diagnosed.

Enteroanastomosis was performed, removing the mass.

Gastric Dilatation

Patient presented with a “pot-bellied” appearance, difficulty breathing and unable to walk.

Digital x-ray was taken and gastric dilatation was diagnosed.

Patient was stabilized and surgery was performed.

Removal of foreign bodies

  • This patient was admitted in our clinic with abdominal pain and breathing difficulties.
  • After radiological examination bones were revealed in the bloated stomach and lower third of oesophagus.
  • All bones were removed successfully after laparotomy and gastrostomy.

Grade III Medial Patellar Luxation

Patient presented with pain on hind right leg and could not put any weight on it.

After orthopedical examination Grade III Medial Patellar Luxation was diagnosed, which means the kneecap tends to stay out of place most of the time.

Surgery was performed and the kneecap was secured back to its place.

Ingestion of a foreign body

Patient had come to the vets due to persistant vomiting , anorexia and depression.

 Abdominal pain was detected upon palpation, and the posture of the patient made him seem very uncomfortable.

A radiograph was taken showing foreign object in small intestine (rubber bouncy ball).

Dog bite

Dog presents at our clinic with a deep open wound after bitten by another dog.
Surgery was performed and drain was placed for drainage and proper wound healing.

Sarcoptes mites

Magnus the Springer Spaniel who suffered from a skin disease called sarcoptes mange. Pictures before and after his treatment.

Mitral valve insufficiency

Chihuahua presented with coughing and restleness.
After examination, megalocardia was diagnosed and mitral valve insufficiency with holosystolic murmur.

Chipped Canine Tooth

Dental extraction of the canine was performed

Feline Herpes Virus

Cat presented with anorexia, eye/ nasal secretions and ulcer wounds on nose. Patient was tested positive for Herpes Virus. Pictures before and after few days of treatment.

Paw injury

Reconstruction surgery was performed on this dog.


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