Dr. Lambros Lambrou

Owner & Director

Dr. Lambros Lambrou opened his first Veterinary Clinic in Limassol at Petrou and Pavlou, in 1979. In 1990 he established Happy Valley Veterinary Clinic and Pet Hotel in Erimi. He ran both Clinics simultaneously until 2006 when he decided to focus on running one Veterinary Clinic and his position of the Veterinarian and Director at the Limassol Zoo.

He is the owner and director of Happy Valley Veterinary Clinic and Pet Hotel.

Dr Lambrou received his veterinary degree in the Veterinary University of Brno in the Czech Republic. He practiced within the gynaecological and obstetrics departments at the university participating in scientific research.

He visited several clinics and universities in Greece, Germany, England, the Czech Republic, Austria, Jordan, Israel, USA, South Africa and Australia to observe different methods of veterinary practice and to gain more work experience.

He visited various zoos in Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa.

First he studied procedures to gain veterinary experiences with wild animals. Then as a director of Limassol Zoo he furthered his knowledge and experiences in zoo management, establishment and the welfare of the animals in order to build a new modern zoo.

He was the Director & Veterinary Surgeon for the Limassol zoo for 30 years. During his time at the zoo he worked with the following Mayors of Limassol Mr. Antonis Hatzipavlou, Dr. Demetris Kontidis, Mr. Andreas Christou and Mr. Nikos Nikolaidis.

In 2010 following an agreement with the Mayor Mr. Andreas Christou, Dr. Lambros Lambrou worked alongside Ing. Vladislav Jirousek who is a designer and landscaper for zoos, the town engineer Mr. Antonis Charalambous and the architect Mrs. Lenia Mberou. They began creating a new modern zoo made out of wood, rope, glass and stones.

Before the reconstruction of the new Limassol Zoo, priority was given to the selection of animals based on the land available and extensive research to provide each animal with an area that resembled their natural habitat.

The new zoo was opened in 2012.(http://www.limassolzoo.com)

The reconstruction of the Limassol zoo was made possible by the enormous interest and commitment of the Limassol Mayor Mr. Andreas Christou and the excellent relationship he had with Dr. Lambros Lambrou.


Mr. Andreas Christou with Dr. Lambros Lambrou and Ing. Vladislav Jirousek


The nice team of Limassol Zoo


Dr. Lambros Lambrou with Mrs. Athina Kyriakidou, member of the Cyprus parliament


Dr. Lambros Lambrou with the Limassol Mayor Mr. Andreas Christou and Director and owner Mr. Jean – Jacques Lesuer of Attica Zoological Park in Greece.


Director and owner of Attica Zoological Park in Greece Mr. Jean – Jacques Lesuer and his wife with Dr. Lambros Lambrou and the Limassol zoo Zoologist Miss. Mirka Koutsouri.


The Limassol Mayor Mr. Andreas Christou and Dr. Lambros Lambrou were honoured by the friends of Limassol Zoo


The Limassol Mayor Mr. Andreas Christou, Dr. Lambros Lambrou and Dr. Jirka Vahala of Dvur Kralove Zoo.


The Limassol Mayor Mr. Andreas Christou at the opening of the new Limassol Zoo, the previous Limassol Mayor Dr. Demetris Kontidis and Dr. Lambros Lambrou.


The director of Jihlava Zoo in Czech Republic Mrs. Eliska Kubikova at the opening of the New Limassol Zoo.


Dr. Lambros Lambrou, Dr. Georgios Kyriakides Director of the Veterinary services, Dr. Evangelos Evangelou district Veterinary Officer, Mr. Andreas Christou Limassol Mayor, Dr. Christakis Ploutarchou, Dr. Alekos Konis


Mrs. Christian Christou, Mr. Tasos Tsaparelas, Dr. Lambros Lambrou, Minister of Agriculture Mr. Tomis Efthimiou, Dr. Demetris Kontidis Mayor, Dr. Athos Savvides, Vice Mayor, Government officer.

During his years at the zoo, he helped organise and enjoyed taking part in many fund raising events and after the re- opening of the zoo, the zoo’s yearly birthday parties.

Mrs. Carole Husein the dog trainer at the Limassol Zoo

On 10th of June 2014 he helped to arrange the first double wedding. For two of his veterinarian colleagues from the Czech Republic Dr. Μichal Dasek and Mrs. Lucie Vagnerova, along with Dr. Richard Macek and Mrs. Aneta Novysedlakova at the Limassol zoo.

Dr. Lambros Lambrou was honoured for his role as a Veterinarian and Director of Limassol Zoo for 30 years of devotion, commitment and passion at his ceremony on 17/06/18.

Dr. Lambros Lambrou with Mrs. Barbara Bahlburg, Mrs. Evanthia Charalambrous and Mrs. Niki Michael. Friends of the Limassol Zoo.

He was formerly the Vice President and President of the Animal Welfare Committee in the Limassol district.

Also he was the Vice President of the Pancyprian Veterinary Association of Cyprus for many years.

From a young age, he felt very passionately about nature and through his many years of experience working with wild animals has given rise to his fascination with African Culture. Both of these loves can be seen in the design of his home and the clinic gardens with his intricate designs of African stone work, artefacts and greenery.


Konstantinou Kavafi 9, Erimi 4630, Limassol, Cyprus


+357 25821750



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Monday - Friday / 9:00 - 13:00 & 15:00 - 18:00

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