Spa Bath

Shampoos For – Flea & tick, extra nourushing, Puppy & kitten shampoo, whitening enhancement, enhancing shampoo for darker coats. 

Medicated shampoos for dandruff, allergies, tick and fleas, and other dermatological conditions.

Masks (Keratin and Protein) 

Hydrosurge showerhead which provides more pressure for ease of use and simutaneously massges your pet’s skin and stimulates relaxation of the muscles.

Drying – Towel wrap, or dryer on minimal heat.

Complimentary – nail clipping, ear cleaning, anal gland cleaning (pre-bath) and perfume (after bath), a fresh supply of drinking water and short walks on a leash for breaks, if necessary. 


Shedding is natural and very common even in short hair dogs. You can bring your pet for regular brushing to prevent unwanted hair all over your furniture and floors. Our groomer can show you how to care for your pet’s coat and advise you on the right brush to use at home.


De-matting involves removal of the matted area, or if severe, shaving the coat. It can cause discomfort and skin infections. This can be avoided by regularly brushing your pets coat in between professional grooming.

Simple haircut and bath

There are various types of simple grooming, when booking an appointment please specify how you want each body part to be groomed:


a) Shave
b) Not too short


a) hair cut in between the paws
b) Rounded paws


Our groomer can style all breeds and helped many dogs win at dog shows in Cyprus.

Breed Styles:

– Bearded Collie Style

– Bichon Frise Style 

– Bedlington Terrier style 

– Briard Style 

– Brussels Griffon Style 

– English Setter Style 

– English Springer Spaniel Style 

– Keeshond Style 

– Kerry Blue Terrier Style 

– Old English Sheepdog Style 

– Poodle style 

– Pomeranian Style 

– Schnauzer style

– Scottish Terrier Style 

– Shih Tzu Style 

– West highland white terrier Style 

– Wire fox Terrier Style 

– Wire head Pointing Griffon Style 

– Yorkshire Terrier Style 


Your own style:

–  Teddy bear Style

– Funky Style

– Army Style

– Lion Style

Paw treatment

Special products can be applied directly to your pet’s paw pads and elbows to condition and treat hardened skin.

Teeth brushing


We can brush your pets teeth for you, although it is recommended that you continue to do this daily to promote oral health.

There are a variety of products available, including: powder, toothpaste, liquid tooth paste and liquid.


Help to keep your pets teeth clean by using a dental Powder once a day. Add to your pet’s regular meal once a day.


Liquid tooth paste and liquid.

You can also use a liquid toothpaste for dental hygiene. It is also suitable for cats.

Grooming tips

We know that every breed of dog and cat is different, therefore the grooming for each pet is unique. We can recommend a regular grooming routine for your pet so you know exactly what to look for and how often to have him or her groomed.

A tip from our groomer:

If you have a young puppy or kitten, it is a good idea to familiarize your pet with grooming at an early age. This insures an easy process from the start. A thorough brush every 2-3 days is advisable. This prevents hair from matting and is a good way to make sure your pet’s coat is in top condition.


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